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Adjustment of the Vertebral Subluxation

Dr. Maltby has been practicing the gentle art of Chiropractic Adjustments for over 40 years. He has experience adjusting all age groups from his own children the moment they were born to 104 years young. Dr. Maltby utilizes the Pettibon system of analyzing the spine and adjustments. 

Class IV Laser Therapy

Dr. Maltby has been utilizing the KLaser Class IV laser system in his office since 2007. The results he has seen in his office with the laser has been amazing to say the least. The laser is FDA approved at reducing pain and inflammation, by increasing circulation, drawing water, oxygen and nutrients to the damaged area. 

Every professional sports team has a Chiropractor and a Class IV Laser.

Digital X-Ray

Dr. Maltby has been using X-Rays in his practice sine the first day he opened his doors. Since then he has upgraded to a digital X-Ray system. Dr. Maltby follows strict protocols when taking his films. This office has adopted the Practicing Chiropractors' Committee on Radiology Protocols for Biomechanical Assessment of Spinal Subluxation in Chiropractic Clinical Practice guidelines. ( 


DynaROM is used to test for pain as a result of soft tissue injury from an auto collision or work injury. Sensors are placed on the body to measure both how far you can bend, and your muscle guarding response. You are required to perform various motions as the sensors graph these measures. This data is used to objectively establish need for care, and track your progress.

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